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Walking To Calories Burned In A 30 Minutes Step by Step Guide

Walking To Calories Burned

Walking To Calories Burned In A 1 Hour

Walking To Calories Burned:How many calories do you burn by walking for an hour? For a 130 pound person walking briskly and a pace of 3.5 miles per hour or walking slowly uphill burns 80 to 90 calories per half-hour. Or 160 to 180 calories per hour for a 200-pound person , a 3.5 miles per hour pace burns about 120 calories per half-hour or 240 calories per hour.

Another Information about Walking To Calories Burned more than 30 minutes per day.

Walking Burns More Calories Than Many Realize
It is facet that those Persons who walk for daily exercise are likely burning more calories than they know. A new study from Southern Methodist University has developed a new equation to determine calories burned while walking and their equation could be up to four times more accurate.

As per current studies, Researchers found that present methods to count calories burned while strolling on a firm,level surface were too low about 97 percent of the time.The amount of inaccuracy could be up to 20 percent too low if standard calorie-counting methods are used. In other words, walking is a more efficient way to get in shape than many realize.

According to the study authors, this new equation has many applications for various populations, particularly athletes and those in the armed forces. Using their new equation, along with factors like body heat, core temperature and heart rate, soldiers and athletes could more accurately predict fatigue and risk of overexertion.

Walking To Calories Burned
Walking To Calories Burned

Walking To Calories Burned If You Walk (30 MIN PER DAY)  

Walking is something that we all do every day. But most people don’t look at walking as a legitimate way to lose weight burn fat and maintain a healthy weight. I used to think the same way . Definition is something that sounds very easy and usually when we picture someone doing whatever it takes to lose weight . We don’t imagine somebody walking instead . We usually picture someone running as hard as they can on the treadmill covered in sweat .

But the truth is that walking consistently throughout the week can make a big difference in how you look . And how you feel this is especially true. If you’re currently not exercising and you can’t seem to find the motivation to start working out . Since most people are under valuing the benefits that walking can have on their body.

What Happen If You Take 30 Minutes Walking To Calories Burned

Today I want to go over exactly what you can expect to happen if you simply take a 30 minute walk every day . I’m sure that the first thing that you’re wondering is , can doing something as simple as walking actually help you lose weight . Well even though walking is not as hard as running or even jogging . It’s still considered a low to moderate form of aerobic exercise . And if you walk either at a faster pace or for longer distances or you walk very often like everyday in all these cases. You’ll be adding a good amount of extra calories to your deficit .

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Now most of you have heard of the saying that you can’t outrun a bad diet . So you’re probably thinking that it’s very unlikely that you’ll be out walking a bad diet any time soon . But this is taken out of context even though a really bad diet will make it physically impossible to lose any weight at all. Exercise happens to be just as important specifically for long-term success and when people say things like 80% of your results come from diet. It devalues the powerful effects that consistent exercise brings to the table. The reason why people think this way to begin with is because of a lot of the studies that compare the effects that diet and exercise have on weight loss end up . Coming to the conclusion that dieting alone usually results in more weight loss than just exercising alone.

Diet & Exercise For Burning Calories

But after reviewing a bunch of these studies researchers realized that the calories burnt from diet and exercise were not matched in most of these studies. Sometimes the diet only group would be cutting away 1,700 calories per day and that would be compared to an exercise only group that will only burning 200 extra calories per day . Obviously with a flawed setup like that the diet group will always come out on top but researchers found out that when calories are actually matched weight losses matched . And by finding this they were able to conclude that exercise alone without any form of diet restriction can be an effective strategy for losing weight . Again even though you won’t be out walking a horrible diet as long as you have a decent diet walking every day can definitely move the scale in the right direction.

Walking To Burn Calories for 30 minutes

Walking burns about 100 calories per mile if you walk at a fast pace. You’ll burn anywhere from 150 to 200 calories in 30 minutes . If you walk at that same fast pace for an hour . We’re looking at up to 400 calories . 200 to 400 calories per day can definitely make a big difference. And one study participants were instructed to only add a thousand steps per day without making any diet modifications , not only did their leg strength blood pressure and cholesterol levels improve . But they also lost weight loss and visceral belly fat and improve their body composition.

Keep in mind that if you were walking at a moderate pace . A thousand extra steps would only take you about 10 minutes . Other studies also support these findings. In one of these other studies participants were able to lose about an inch off their waistline. And about one and a half percent off their body fat just by walking for about an hour 3 days per week . At the end of the study researchers concluded that walking is a safe and effective strategy for reducing body fat .

And for improving insulin resistance and this is all assuming that you’re doing nothing else except for walking . It would obviously be far more beneficial to combine walking with other forms of exercise like resistance training throughout the entire week. And to also combine all of that with a well balanced diet plan.

If you’re walking and you’re also on a solid diet research shows that it can help enhance the effects of your diet . Workout plan now don’t get me wrong higher intensity activities like sprinting have a lot of advantages over lower intensity activities like walking . For example with higher intensity workouts, you can get the same amount of results in 15 minutes that you would get after 45 minutes. Or maybe even an hour of a low intensity workout on top of saving time. You could also build more muscle and improve ability to use oxygen more efficiently.

But a really low intensity activity like walking offers its own unique advantages. First of all it’s a very low impact on low stress activity making ideal for people with current injuries . Or for people that are currently out of shape or older that want to reduce the risk of getting an injury from exercise .

Calories in Walking and Running

According to one study the chances of getting an injury from walking is 25% lower than the chances of getting an injury from running others estimate that it could be up to 50% lower. And the reason for this is because running produces higher ground reaction forces which simply means that running creates more stress on your joints each time.

Your foot strikes the ground with walking the ground reaction force is about 1.2 times . And body weight meanwhile the ground reaction force from running is two and a half times . Your body weight which is significantly higher. This is why walking may also benefit people that are out of shape and are looking to start . Slowly walking isn’t only great for beginners . It’s also great for more advanced people that are trying to add in some active recovery in between their other workouts .

While high intensity training can exhaust your central nervous system and it could leave you feeling tired for your next workout . Walking can actually help you with soreness and recovery instead making it a great way to burn some extra calories without decreasing your performance levels for your next workout session now. Again this doesn’t mean that there aren’t just as many great benefits that you’ll get from running . Or a higher intensity training especially if we’re looking at the amount of time spent for the amount of calories burnt.

This is why I personally still prefer high-intensity interval training over lower intensity training like walking .Because it helps me save time but if you would rather spend more time working out at lower intensities. Because that’s something that you can actually consistently stick to without feeling constant resistance . Then that’s what you should be doing and that’s actually another very powerful benefit of walking every single day .

It’s a lot easier for most people to maintain . You can walk anywhere . So you don’t need a gym . It doesn’t interfere with your other workouts.I already mentioned it’s relatively stress-free compared to other forms of exercise . According to studies exercise is important when it comes to losing weight but it might be the most important thing when it comes to maintaining that weight loss potentially even more.

So than diet in this study researchers stated that the most common method for weight loss is diet but they also say that diet does not provide a long-term solution. Over 50% of the people that lose weight by dieting end up regaining the weight making dietary change more and more difficult to maintain over time.

These researchers claim that exercise is the only factor on the energy expenditure side of things that can actually be voluntarily controlled over the long term. And when I say long term I’m talking about years not months . Biggest Loser contestants actually experience . This exact thing first hand a study that took place six years after the Biggest Loser competition founded the people that maintained a significant weight loss had either 80 minutes a day of low to moderate intensity activity . Like walking or 35 minutes a day of higher intensity activity like running the bottom line is that while diet is super important for losing weight .

Consistently exercising may be the most important thing to keep that weight off . Now even though the Biggest Loser contestants were walking 80 minutes per day to maintain their dramatic weight loss. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommends 150 minutes of moderate activity like brisk walking every week. This would be the equivalent of 5-30 minute walking sessions per week. Which should be doable for almost anyone and that alone will provide a ton of health benefits including the prevention of heart disease ,high blood pressure , type 2 diabetes stroke and osteoporosis just to name a few.

This makes walking a great addition to your current exercise routine . And if you’re not exercising just by walking, you can literally add years to your life .In fact one very large study involving over a million men and women over a 14-year period showed that simply meeting the minimum guidelines of walking just 150 minutes per week can reduce your risk of all-cause mortality by 31% that should be enough to get.

Even the people that dread exercise the most to put on their sneakers and go out for a walk . This study also showed that people that got three to five times more activity than the minimum guidelines decreased all cause mortality by 39 percent . Now I know three to five times more activity may sound like a lot especially if you’re just trying to get into the swing of things again . But just starting with the relatively low physical guidelines without doing anything else that alone can motivate you to slowly adopt a healthier lifestyle .

It might motivate you to eat a better diet and when you start seeing some changes in the mirror from your diet . That’ll motivate you to change more aspects of your lifestyle. Ultimately snowballing into true lasting changes that’s it guys. I really hope this post has helped you out and I hope it’s helped you see just how powerful simply walking 30 minutes a day can be . If you enjoyed this post make sure you to share this post with others.

I hope you got enough Information about Walking To Calories Burned.

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